Simon – calf cramps and muscle tension

I like to consider myself a fairly active man with a full time job with a lot of travel, a son aged 3 and an almost unhealthy addiction to the sport of triathlon. However, I am rapidly approaching 40 and, after setting myself the goal of becoming an Ironman in 2017, I knew that I would be putting my body … Read More

Geoffrey Moffett – Headaches and Migraines

I am a self employed digital marketer who works an average 50 hour work week. For about three years I had been experiencing excruciating headaches and migraines most days, which made it hard for me to focus on everyday tasks. The only advice that I was given from countless visits to the GP was to avoid potential triggers, such as … Read More

Alan – Low Back Pain

Alan, 38 I’m a 38 year old engineer from Coleraine, I work down in Belfast so I have a right bit of driving to do every week. Having two young kids I’m pretty busy when I get home. I started to really struggle with lower back pain in August 2017. I love being active and was trying to keep running … Read More

Suzanne – Loving life without headaches!

I work full time in Belfast and so I spend most of my day either at at a desk or in the car. However, it was a severe long lasting headache that prompted or caused my problems, so after taking far too many painkillers I eventually saw my GP who believed that my headaches were a result of neck/back problems … Read More

Amanda – Back Pain and Sciatica – did her homework!

I had a really sore back for a very long time. I had sciatica from my hip right down to my toes and I was suffering constant pain. I came to causeway physio and on my first visit the staff were very helpful and friendly . I received some treatment and was shown exercises to do at home. All my … Read More

Janet – Years of neck pain!

As a dentist, I have suffered from a sore back, neck and shoulder for years. I accepted this as an occupational hazard- every day is spent leaning over patients and trying to see into deep dark recesses! A few years ago this became unbearable- constant chronic pain was affecting other aspects of my life. I found myself short of patience … Read More

Vonla – Hairdressing without Sciatica!

As a full time hairdresser/beauty therapist I was constantly on my feet and I always felt I was getting into awkward postures and positions for long periods. This lead to strain and discomfort on my lower back which then became crippling. I had symptoms such as lower back pain, sharp pain in my lower back when I tried to straighten … Read More

“Colin has worked wonders”

After many years of suffering from back problems and sciatica I finally made the decision to seek professional help. After attending Causeway Physio I began to feel much better. Colin has worked wonders for me with a combination of the treatment which gave me great relief and the exercises that I progressed at home. Having attended Causeway Physio & Pilates … Read More

“I couldn’t be happier with the result”

I went to see Colin after an old injury to my wrist started giving me a lot of pain. I went for a couple of weeks in a row to start with and then I was able to go for 3 weeks and then longer. I couldn’t be happier with the result and have very little pain now. Certainly recommend … Read More

“I’m back out running again”

I had a couple of treatments with Catherine for a very sore back. I followed her exercises she recommended and I’m back out running again. (2 laps of the mount today). Many thanks Aaron. More Patient Reviews….