Free Pilates Taster Session

Come and try our Pilates Taster Session and find out how you can make lifelong changes to your body


Have you heard of friends doing Pilates but you have no idea what it is or why it’s so good for you?
Are you intrigued but not sure if you’d enjoy it?

Our Free Pilates Taster Session is a chance to meet our lovely instructors and get a feel for our Pilates Classes. No pressure and no charge. 

We take time in this class to focus on the basics principles of Pilates. If you then decide to start into a matwork block, you will be fully prepared, confident and ready to go!

The taster is a perfect opportunity to ask any queries to our instructors and they will try to help you in any way possible. Read our client reviews below to get a feel for what we do well.

We promise you’re in safe hands & We'd love you to join us. 


“Having never done Pilates before I was apprehensive, but I now realise it is a great overall workout for your whole body – would recommend you try a pilates taster session. The class accommodates all ages and levels.”

– Jackie Lawrence

What to Expect during a Pilates Taster Session

Our Pilates Taster Session differs from our regular matwork classes. They are designed to let you try a range exercises to get a feel of a matwork class as well as to give you an understanding of how Pilates works. We will show you how exercises can be progressed to the most advanced levels or made easier to accommodate specific needs. The tasters are very relaxed, all abilities are welcome and we encourage you to ask any questions you may have! Why not ask a friend to join you and start your Pilates journey together!! Click below to book your taster, we look forward to seeing you there!

What to Bring

Please bring your Completed Enrolment Form – this will be emailed to you once you have booked your place in the Pilates Taster Session.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in.

  • Stacey Wilmot – Coleraine
    I’ve been struggling badly with muscle spasms and Physio with Hazel and Pilates with Jo changed my life. The difference between Jo’s class and all others is... her!! The time she takes to explain, correct and her patience is second to none. Each person in the class are all on their own journey and Jo helps them all work at the right level for them. Can definitely recommend to anyone.
  • Emma Stewart – Coleraine
    What can I say?.... Causeway Pilates is simply fabulous!!! I have been through a considerable amount of stress & anxiety this year and a friend recommended Pilates to help with exercise and to relieve stress. Jo has been so kind & encouraging, helping us to find our individual levels of challenge & push ourselves further each session. If you are wondering if it is for you, give it a try... I’m sure you will love it!!
  • Philomena Brennan
    I enjoy this Pilates class so much. I find it has improved my strength, fitness level and reduced my back pain. I protected myself in how I moved as I was afraid of pain. I have now noticed my posture has improved too. The studio is lovely and there is a very relaxed atmosphere, I came to the class alone and not even on the first day did I feel uncomfortable. Love it!
  • Claudia Pohl
    The class is very friendly and welcoming. I appreciated that there is a lot of emphasis on doing the exercise correctly. I feel that my posture is improving and I have a bigger repertoire of exercises to do at home and it helps me to do my physio exercises correctly. I feel stronger but in a gentle way, which is exactly what I want. I would definitely recommend Causeway Pilates to other people.
  • Diane Nicholls
    Having been to a large group exercise classes before, I was a bit nervous I might get ‘lost’ in the group and left to figure the moves for myself. Jo’s classes are perfect, they are just the right size and Jo is able to give individual attention when needed so we don’t go wrong. I love this class. Even after just a few weeks I can feel a difference in my body, my posture has improved too.
  • Janet Markey
    With my job I have long term back and neck pain. After a course of physio, I started Causeway Pilates. I have found great improvement in my back and neck. The exercises have given me great relief and I’ve also becoming more toned! Jo Is a fantastic instructor – very detailed about correct positioning, but all done in a very relaxed and casual atmosphere. I would recommend Causeway Pilates classes to everyone!
  • Janice Cassidy
    I started Pilates to lose weight, tone and relax. I have really enjoyed Pilates as it is relaxing. Jo is a great instructor, friendly and good fun. I have noticed a difference as I feel more toned and not as stressed. Thank you Jo, I will be signing up for the next set of sessions.
  • Sharon Bentley
    I started Pilates to see what it was like. Jo was very welcoming and friendly and made you feel relaxed. I have noticed that I wouldn’t have the same pains in my hips and it has made me more aware of my posture in my everyday life. I would definitely recommend Causeway Pilates to others.
  • Avril Whiskers
    I find this class very good. Joanne keeps a close eye on what we are doing (small enough class). I was in a previous Pilates class (a large class) where I didn’t know if I was doing movement properly and the teacher didn’t get round to check on everyone. There is a Friendly atmosphere – plenty of fun! I can ask Joanne questions without feeling foolish! I will and have recommended Causeway Pilates to others.
  • Gillian Ramsay
    I have not attended an exercise class for a number of years and I feel that this class of Jo’s is so refreshing. Jo has a fantastic approach to teaching and supports you brilliantly as you go along. Jo has boundless energy and is always at hand to offer advice and guidance. There is so much to offer at Causeway Pilates classes that there is no need to go elsewhere!!
  • Jackie Lawrence
    Attended Pilates to help with posture and neck issues and it has helped me with both. Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Having never done Pilates before I was apprehensive, but now I realised it is a great overall workout for your whole body – would recommend you try a taster session. The class accommodates all ages and levels.
  • Nikki Crowe
    I have found that my left shoulder pain has reduced, I have better balance and better posture in everyday life. I found by starting at the basics I can understand and have been more aware of what I am actually meant to be doing. I will and have recommended Causeway Pilates to others.
  • Julie Leighton
    I would have problems with my lower back and I feel Pilates has really helped with the pain. There is a really friendly atmosphere at Causeway Pilates and you always feel welcome. I would highly recommend Causeway Pilates, it was my first time trying Pilates and even though I maybe wasn’t doing the things the way Jo was, she is encouraging and I didn’t feel embarrassed one little bit!
  • Elaine Taylor
    Since joining Causeway Pilates, I have noticed a huge change in my posture, my flexibility and I have an increased awareness on how I stand, sit and sleep. …and this is actually my first time doing Pilates! Being a larger lady the class allows me to explore other ways of becoming a more healthy person. I whole heartedly recommend Causeway Pilates to anyone.
  • Kerry Ferson
    Pilates has been great for me to re-establish exercise into my week. I have gained muscle control since having two children. The hour class is very relaxing and time to focus only on the movements. Everything else melts away. I sleep great after Pilates. I am more aware of doing controlled exercise now and with greater benefits. I have recommended to a friend and they have signed up too.
  • Anne Bell
    I am so glad I followed the ‘what the heck’ moment and went to Causeway Pilates. I have found the classes so beneficial in both body and spirit. My body is more flexible and toned and it has improved my posture. Joanne is an excellent teacher and explains everything so you understand fully what she is asking. The ‘fun’ moments with the other ladies are hilarious and in my opinion is of benefit to your mental health.
  • Elizabeth Abernethy
    Enjoying Pilates as I believe it is helping me in different ways. It makes me more aware of my body, how I walk, sit and stand. My GP recommended it as a way to help strengthen my body. I like the way it is a small group as I need to be sure I’m doing things right and Jo is great. It’s hard work but enjoyable and it really helps me sleep!
  • Susan Brown
    I came to Causeway Pilates after a few session of physio and I was recommended it would be a good way to continue to improve my strength and flexibility after a bad sciatica injury…I’ve gone from climbing the stairs on all fours, back triathlon and ½ Ironman! Jo is an eagle-eyed encourager! But has a fantastic ability to push you enough to feel challenged but never at a risk of injury.
  • Brenda Semple
    Cardio is not really an exercise option for me but Pilates at Causeway Pilates is fantastic! Jo and Laura are SO attentive, classes sizes are small and you really do get a full body workout. The instructors really are sensitive to individual needs and every exercise can be tailored to suit you. I honestly couldn’t praise Causeway Pilates and its staff highly enough, and would encourage anyone to give it a go. You will not regret it!
  • Alison Johnston
    Really enjoying Pilates with Jo at Causeway Pilates. Great for toning and strengthening muscles! And all my twinges in my back have gone, yay!! Thanks Jo
  • Anna Macauley
    Last August was awful for me. My back went into spasm just as I was going on holiday and I ended up in a Spanish hospital on extremely strong medication. When I came home, I went to see Colin at Causeway Physio who put me on a recovery programme. When I felt I could move freely, I started Pilates with Joanne, I no longer have back issues and the pain killers and been binned! Thank you to you both!
  • Irene Reid
    I have really enjoyed my classes at Causeway Pilates. Jo has been really friendly and encouraging and her demonstration of exercises makes things much easier to follow. It’s been a couple of years since I have taken any classes so I have a long way to go but never feel pressured to push beyond my own capabilities. I already feel the benefit after only 4 classes in terms of flexibility and strengthening.
  • Tara Hoy
    I thoroughly enjoyed Pilates with Jo. She is such a knowledgeable, patient and fun teacher. I suffer from weakness in my neck and shoulder…this is exactly the right exercise for me to strengthen and balance my body. I can’t thank Jo enough!! Really enjoyed the atmosphere too…lovely people in every class. 5 stars!!
  • Sarah Conn
    I’m on my third block of Pilates and can thoroughly recommend Jo as a teacher. The combination of her knowledge, clear instruction and caring attentive manner keeps me coming back for more! It has given me more energy, feel more supple and is a natural mood enhancer, I always leave in a good mood!!
  • Kirsty Nicholl
    Just finished my first block of pilates! It was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed these classes. Joanne is brilliant and I worked muscles I never even knew I had. Highly recommend
  • Jennifer Bentley
    I go to the over 55 classes. I thoroughly enjoy and I can't recommend Causeway Pilates enough. Jo is so patient and attentive. Great for all ages! We are all encouraged to work at our own pace. We get so much more out of the exercises because of this. As well as the workout we have so much fun and the class I really relaxed.
Pilates Taster Session

Laverne Tweed


I've suffering with a bad back for years, running to the GP, taking ongoing painkillers and anti-inflammatories and even saw a number of physios. I finally got fed up and tried Causeway Physio and It’s been a good path. The physio completely eased my pain and taught me how to self manage.

Now I feel like I’m in control!

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