Neck & Shoulder Problems

End neck and shoulder pain with fast and effective pain relief. Sleep better and enjoy life without dragging neck and shoulder pain.


We have helped 1000’s of people with Neck & Shoulder pain, you can trust our experienced physios to help you feel better and resolve your problem. 


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Neck & Shoulder Pain

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Early advice and treatment is the most effective way to speed your recovery. If you need help fast then call now on 028 703 59592 or use our Online Booking to secure your appointment anytime!

If you aren’t sure if physio is right for you then why not request a Free 10min Telephone Consultation or Taster Physio session to discuss your problem with one of our physios.


Things you can do right now to help your neck and shoulder pain:

  • If your problem has been there more than 2 weeks and isn’t going away then don’t wait any longer to get help. Make the decision – ‘I need help and the advice of an expert in managing my pain.’ Rest and painkillers won’t fix your problem. The longer you wait, the harder it is to resolve.

  • Choose a physio that will give you Quality ‘Hands On’ treatment to relieve your pain, soothe aching muscles and loosen stiff joints. We love this part of the job – it makes a difference FAST.

  • Do the RIGHT exercises – just stretching your sore bit isn’t the solution – you need to find what the right exercises are for long lasting relief. Stretching can even aggravate pain!

  • Avoid sleeping in an awkward position! Most of our clients sleep better after their first treatment! Get our Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain guide for great tips to help you sleep better.

  • Too many birthdays? Stop believing this! Pain is not related to age – it’s related to what we do (or don’t do with our body). We relieve neck and shoulder pain for people in all age ranges – we don’t see age as a factor!

  • SLEEP better to relieve your pain – better sleep helps you cope better with pain during the day. Get our Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain Guide we show you simple techniques to help you sleep better.

  • Reduce your stress and pain by resetting your muscles – check out our Relieve Neck and shoulder Pain Guide for great tips on resetting and relaxing neck and shoulder muscles.

  • Get a clear diagnosis! Our physios are the experts in managing Neck and Shoulder conditions! Honest, simple advice from an experienced Physio.

  • Our reputation has been built on trust – 1000’s of people have seen our physio’s and experienced relief of their neck and shoulder pain.

  • Always here for you. Our physio team will answer any queries concerns you have in-between treatments – you can email or request a call back. You’ll not go through this alone!

Neck & Shoulder Pain

What's In The Guide?

  • 5 Simple Tips to Relieve Neck & Shoulder Pain

  • SLEEP better tonight with LESS neck and shoulder pain! Our very best tips to help people in pain sleep better!

  • The Key to Healthy Neck and Shoulders

  • Stress and Pain – understand the connection!

  • What to do with a Trapped Nerve in the neck.

  • MYTH BUSTING! Old advice – new thinking – have you been told your shoulder is impinging & wearing the tendon or have you been told your neck pain is due to wear and tear on x-ray…. GET THE FULL STORY on these common and dated misconceptions.

  • PLUS we answer the 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions people ask about Physio. If you’re not sure what physio is about then this is a must read!

Common Neck & Shoulder Problems

I feel it in my shoulder but it’s coming from my neck! The body is a funny thing – where you feel your pain often isn’t the source of the problem. Our experts diagnose WHERE the source of the problem is and provide effective treatment to give long lasting results. Here are a few common scenarios we see:

  • Mechanical Neck pain

    Overworked painful muscles and stiff joints in the neck and upper back cause people to say, “My head feels a tonne weight, I can’t sleep because it’s so sore, I can’t lift my head off the pillow, sitting at work my neck aches, I can’t turn my head without pain. I feel pain in my neck causing headache or spreading down my arm.” People often go weeks, months sometimes YEARS with this dragging pain – PLEASE DON’T! If it’s not going away after a week or two then you need help. This is THE most common type of neck pain we see. It’s easily relieved but the key is then keeping the pain away – we can help you with both! Start now with some great tips in our Relieve Neck Pain Guide! Book online to get your appointment now!

  • Neural neck and arm pain

    Pins and needles down the arm, numbness, pain in the neck, shoulder or arm can all be symptoms of an irritated nerve in your neck. The irritated nerve may be related to injury of the disc BUT the more common reason is much less serious. Both conditions can be effectively managed with physio. We have a great section on “What To do With a Trapped Nerve in the Neck” in our Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain Guide AND there are a few great tips to help you sleep better. This is not a problem to “wait and see if it gets better” this needs sorted fast. Speak to a physio or Call the Clinic to Book.

  • Shoulder tendinopathy

    Repetitive strain of your day to day life can start to result in persistent pain. Pain is often felt through the shoulder or down the front of the shoulder & arm. This pain can stop you lifting overhead, putting on coats, difficulty with the simple things in life – putting on a bra, brushing your hair and it’s often sore to sleep on. This type of issue occurs when a shoulder tendon simply isn’t coping with the strain put on it – then it gets inflamed and painful. The solution is simple – see our ‘Myth Busting for Sore Shoulders’ section in our Relieve Neck and shoulder Pain Guide to find out how to resolve pain from shoulder tendinopathy. Once our clients complete the rehab they simply don’t come back with this problem again! Job done!

  • Chronic shoulder pain

    Shoulder pain for years? Well that’s just miserable! Just because it’s chronic doesn’t mean there’s something badly damaged! This often starts as a straight forward problem that isn’t dealt with which then starts to get sorer – in fact the longer you have pain the more sensitive your painful areas tend to get. Your increasing pain OFTEN DOES NOT mean there is more damage. The main cause of increasing pain in the shoulder or neck is more due to how our neural system is wired. The longer you have pain the more protective and sensitive your nervous system gets and sends more pain signal to let you know! Quite often the root cause of the issue is a relatively simple problem that has been allowed to go on for WAY to long. The longer it goes the sorer it gets. If you’re really not sure where to turn then why not Speak To a Physio or request a Free Physio Taster and ask our experts about your problem.

Free Physio Taster

Discover if Physio is right for you. This session is perfect for those who really aren’t sure if Physio is the right thing for them or if WE are the right Physio to help them. 20 Minutes FREE face to face time with our physios. Limited availability and offered on first come first served basis.*
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*No treatment is given during Free Physio Tasters. This session is not the same as paid initial assessment but a chance to meet our expert team and find out if we can help you, how we can help you and you can discuss any queries you may have.

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New to Pilates? Come along and meet our Body Control Pilates & APPI trained instructors. Enjoy a taster session to discover what Level of Pilates is appropriate for you (we tailor our classes to different abilities). Start your Pilates journey and enjoy the challenge of learning body control, breathing techniques, strengthening and toning exercises that can help with lifelong change in how you feel!
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Patient Videos

Victor Bow
Portrush – Golfer’s Neck and Shoulder
My shoulder became so sore I couldn’t wash the car and struggled to play golf. My GP was only able to offer tablets. My first session of dry needling provided significant relief of my shoulder pain and I was able to sleep better as a result. I did my exercises and now I’m back doing all things I would like to without pain AND I’m getting a great nights sleep too!
Rosaleen McConaghy
Coleraine – Severe back pain relieved
I was in severe pain with my legs, back and shoulders for 7 months. I wasn’t getting anywhere with the doctors. After going to Causeway Physio & Pilates I felt elevated. I feel so positive, I’m more active, I’m not afraid to move anymore and I’m sleeping a lot better, so it’s perfect!
Geoffery Moffett
Coleraine – Years of Migraine Headache
After years of migraine headache and regular trips to my GP, brain scans and regular co-codamol painkillers, it took just two sessions at Causeway Physio & Pilates to start seeing and improvement in my condition. I’m now headache free, back cycling again and not relying on painkillers!

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Taking Control!

Hear how some of our clients have improved their lives by taking control of Neck & Shoulder Pain...

Neck & Shoulder Pain
Heather Burns
Portsewart – Shoulder Pain Conquered!
I was struggling with neck and shoulder pain that just seemed to slowly deteriorate over a few months. I eventually had to stop playing tennis and was struggling with golf. Even brushing my hair became painful. The exercises I was taught gave me confidence to move and now my shoulders are stronger than they’ve been in a long time! 3 months on I’m now free of neck and shoulder pain and playing better tennis than ever. Delighted...
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Janet Markey
Coleraine - Dentist’s neck and back!

As a dentist, I have suffered from a sore back, neck and shoulder for years. After seeing Hazel I now feel I know what to do to stop my pain from returning. I can now do Pilates which is something I couldn’t have imagined being able to do before my treatment at Causeway Physio & Pilates...

Neck & Shoulder Pain
Victor Bow
Portrush - Neck & Shoulder Pain Gone

I had neck and shoulder pain that was spreading down to my elbow. Simple things such as putting on a shirt were difficulty and painful. My GP wanted me to keep taking painkillers but I wanted the problem solved.

I felt relief right from my first appointment. My course of physio fully resolved my neck and shoulder pain. That was back in December 2017 and I've been painfree since!

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Laverne Tweed


I've suffering with a bad back for years, running to the GP, taking ongoing painkillers and anti-inflammatories and even saw a number of physios. I finally got fed up and tried Causeway Physio and It’s been a good path. The physio completely eased my pain and taught me how to self manage.

Now I feel like I’m in control!

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