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You don’t have to continue suffering, we are here with an effective DRUG FREE approach to relieve the misery of recurring headaches and migraines. Read our Relieve Migraine & Headache Guide to find out if you have the type of issue our expert physios resolve or ease regularly.


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Headaches & Migraines

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Headaches & Migraines

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Headache & Migraine

We know that if you regularly suffer from Migraine or Headache it can significantly affect your quality of life. It’s common for Migraineurs to have higher rates of depression, anxiety and lower sense of general wellbeing.  Whether you suffer from headache or migraine regularly or only now and again you can reduce, or even fully often resolve your headaches and migraine with specialist physio for headaches and migraines.

Our experts can assess and find out if you have the VERY COMMON underlying condition that can irritate the nerves of the upper neck.  We can help you correct the nerve irritation and you should see results within a few weeks. Here are a few common types of headaches we see in the clinic: 

Tension Type Headache & Daily Headache

Persistent headaches that go on for days to weeks are almost certainly related to neck and upper back problems. Nerve sensitivity in the upper neck is often affected by day to day activities, over longer periods of time the sensitivity of these nerves can become heightened leading to headaches. Stress is often a factor but it is not the source of the problem. How do the nerves get sensitive? Why does this cause headache? What can I do to stop this? Find out the answers in our Relieve Migraine & Headache Guide. This is often a straight forward type of headache to resolve and we would love to help you get FAST and EFFECTIVE relief. Often improvements are seen after 1-2 sessions! Find out if we can help relieve your exercise induced headache by requesting a Free Taster Physio Session OR a 10 Min Physio Call Back.

Menstrual Migraine

Menstrual Migraine is in the TOP 5 disabling conditions for women. 1 in 4 women experience migraines and up to 60% of those women will experience migraine related to their menstrual cycle. For years the common belief has been that hormone changes are the cause of menstrual migraine. We now know that hormones are not the cause of menstrual migraine or headache the source of the problem is the same as those with Tension Type Headache. We go into detail about the source of what is causing your menstrual migraine AND what can be done to relieve your headache and migraine for good! Simply get our Free Relieve Headache and Migraine guide to find out what is causing menstrual migraine.

Migraine With and Without Aura

What is migraine and why does it kick off after I drink red wine OR eat certain foods like dark chocolate? Why do strong smells trigger Migraine? What can I do to stop having regular migraines? The cause of the migraine is related to the nerves of the upper neck. To find out how these little nerves can cause so much trouble please get the answers in our Free Relieve Migraine & Headache Guide. You don’t have to have neck pain for this issue to be present, it can simply lurk silently in the background. We would love for you to have less Migraines so book online or call 028 703 59592 to book.

Road Traffic Accident YEARS ago

If you were in a car accident recently OR even if it was years ago and have experienced occasional OR frequent headache/migraine since, it is extremely likely you have an underlying neck issue. We discuss the COMMON cause of headache and migraine in our Migraine and Headache Guide. After a whiplash injury it is VERY likely that you also have an additional problem to the issue discussed in our guide. You may have an underlying weakness of the very small muscles in the upper neck in response to whiplash. If this problem is not addressed then the headaches and migraines may actually become more frequent as the neck and shoulder muscles become weaker with age. With treatment and rehabilitation you can expect excellent relief from post whiplash related headache & migraine REGARDLESS of how long it’s been since the accident.

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Geoffery's Migraine Story

Geoffrey Moffett
Coleraine – Years of Migraine Headache
After years of migraine headache and regular trips to my GP, brain scans and regular co-codamol painkillers, it took just two sessions at Causeway Physio & Pilates to start seeing and improvement in my condition. I’m now headache free, back cycling again and not relying on painkillers!
Victor Bow
Portrush – Golfer’s Neck and Shoulder
My shoulder became so sore I couldn’t wash the car and struggled to play golf. My GP was only able to offer tablets. My first session of dry needling provided significant relief of my shoulder pain and I was able to sleep better as a result. I did my exercises and now I’m back doing all things I would like to without pain AND I’m getting a great nights sleep too!
Laverne Tweed
Coleraine – Years of Back Pain
I suffered back pain for years and was regularly having to take painkillers prescribed by my GP. I’ve used lots of different physios in the past but this time at Causeway Physio & Pilates you helped ease my pain & taught me how to self manage. This time I feel like I’m in control.

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Hear how our clients ended years of headaches and migraine....

Headaches & Migraines
Geoffrey Moffett
Headaches and Migraines
I am a self employed digital marketer who works an average 50 hour work week. For about three years I had been experiencing excruciating headaches and migraines most days, which made it hard for me to focus on everyday tasks...
Headaches & Migraines
Suzanne Breslin
Loving life without headaches!
I work full time in Belfast and so I spend most of my day either at at a desk or in the car. However, it was a severe long lasting headache that prompted or caused my problems, so after taking far too many painkillers I eventually saw my GP who believed that my headaches...
Headaches & Migraines
Alison Wallace
Tension Headache AND Migraine
Before coming to Causeway Physio & Pilates I would suffer with frequent headaches and occasional migraines. When I had a particularly bad headache painkillers really didn’t make any difference – and these headaches could last for a couple of days...
Headaches & Migraines

Laverne Tweed


I've suffering with a bad back for years, running to the GP, taking ongoing painkillers and anti-inflammatories and even saw a number of physios. I finally got fed up and tried Causeway Physio and It’s been a good path. The physio completely eased my pain and taught me how to self manage.

Now I feel like I’m in control!

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