Susan Brown

I came to Causeway Pilates after a few session on physio and I was recommended it would be a good way to continue to improve my score strength an flexibility after a bad sciatica injury…I’ve gone from climbing the stairs on all fours, back to running, swimming and cycling which for me is a huge enjoyment!  Jo is an eagle-eyed … Read More

Elizabeth Abernethy

Enjoying Pilates as I believe it is helping me in different ways.  It makes me more aware of my body, how I walk, sit etc and hope as the Dr recommended it will help strengthen my core!  I like the way it is a small group as I need to be sure I’m doing things right and Jo is great, … Read More

Anne Bell

Causeway Pilates

I am so glad I followed the ‘what the heck’ moment and went to the Pilates class at Causeway Pilates.  I have found classes so beneficial in both body and spirit.  Body is more flexible and toned and you know it has improved your posture.  Joanne is an excellent teacher and explains everything so you understand fully what she is … Read More

Kerry Ferson

Pilates has been great for me to re-establish exercise into my week. I have gained muscle control since having two children. The hour class is very relaxing and time to focus only on the movements. Everything else melts away. I sleep great after Pilates. I am more aware of doing controlled exercise now and with greater benefits. I have recommended … Read More

Elaine Taylor

Causeway Physio & Pilates Elaine Review

Since joining Causeway Pilates, I have noticed a huge change in my posture, my flexibility and I have an increased awareness on how I stand, sit and sleep. …and this is actually my first time doing Pilates!  Being a larger lady the class allows me to explore other ways of becoming a more healthy person.  I combine this class with … Read More

Julie Leighton

Causeway Physio & Pilates Julie Review

I find Pilates with Jo has made me think more about my posture even sitting in the car.  I would have problems with my lower back and right arm and I feel Pilates has really helped with the pain.  There is a really friendly atmosphere at Causeway Pilates and you always feel welcome.  I would highly recommend Causeway Pilates, it … Read More