Emma Stewart – Coleraine

Causeway Physio & Pilates Emma Review

What can I say?…. Causeway Pilates is simply fabulous!!! I have been through a considerable amount of stress & anxiety this year, and someone suggested Pilates as a way to do some endorphin-boosting exercise which didn’t involve throwing myself around a gym (which I felt way too delicate to face!). Jo has been so kind & encouraging, whilst also helping … Read More

Stacey Wilmot – Coleraine

Causeway Physio & Pilates Stacey Review

I’ve been struggling badly with muscle spasms which left me unable to get through a day let alone exercise without being in severe pain. When hospitals and medication failed, seeing the physio and Jo for Pilates changed my life. Having done Pilates for years and knowing how great the benefits could be I was super excited to get back into … Read More

Jennifer Bentley (Facebook)

Just doing a bit of practice at home. Thoroughly enjoying and I can’t recommend Causeway Pilates enough. Jo is so patient and attentive. Great for all ages! I go to the over 55 classes and we are all encouraged to work at our own pace. We get so much more out of the exercises because of this. As well as … Read More

Kirsty Nicholl (Facebook)

Just finished my first block of pilates! It was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed these classes. Joanne is brilliant and I worked muscles I never even knew I had. Highly recommend   More Pilates Reviews….

Sarah Conn (Facebook)

I’m on my third block of Pilates and can thoroughly recommend Jo as a teacher. The combination of her knowledge, clear instruction and caring attentive manner keeps me coming back for more! It has given me more energy, feel more supple and is a natural mood enhancer, I always leave in a good mood!! More Pilates Reviews….

Tara Hoy (Facebook)

Causeway Physio & Pilates Tara Review

I thoroughly enjoyed Pilates with Jo. She is such a knowledgeable, patient and fun teacher. I suffer from weakness in my neck and shoulder…this is exactly the right exercise for me to strengthen and balance my body. I can’t thank Jo enough!! Really enjoyed the atmosphere too…lovely people in every class. 5 stars!! More Pilates Reviews….

Irene Reid (Facebook)

Causeway Physio & Pilates Irene Review

I have really enjoyed my classes at Causeway Pilates.  Jo has been really friendly and encouraging and her demonstration of exercises makes things much easier to follow.  It’s been a couple of years since I have taken any classes so I have a long way to go but never feel pressured to push beyond my own capabilities.  I already feel … Read More

Anna Macauley (Facebook)

Last August was awful for me. My back went into spasm just as I was going on holiday and I ended up in a Spanish hospital on extremely strong medication. When I came home, I went to see Colin at Causeway Physio who put me on a recovery programme. When I felt I could move freely, I started Pilates with … Read More

Alison Johnston (Facebook)

Really enjoying Pilates with Jo at Causeway Pilates. Great for toning and strengthening muscles! And all my twinges in my back have gone, yay!! Thanks Jo More Pilates Reviews….

Brenda Semple

Cardio is not really an exercise option for me but Pilates at Causeway Pilates is fantastic! Jo and Laura are SO attentive, classes sizes are small and you really do get a full body workout. The instructors really are sensitive to individual needs and every exercise can be tailored to suit you. I honestly couldn’t praise Causeway Pilates and its … Read More