Nikki Crowe

Causeway Physio & Pilates Nikki Review

I have found that my left shoulder pain has reduced, I have better balance and better posture in everyday life. I found by starting at the basics I can understand and have been more aware of what I am actually meant to be doing. I will and have recommended Causeway Pilates to others. More Pilates Reviews….

Jackie Lawrence

Attended Pilates to help with posture and neck issues and it has helped me with both. Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Having never done Pilates before I was apprehensive, but now I realised it is a great overall workout for your whole body – would recommend you try a taster session. The class accommodates all ages and levels. More Pilates … Read More

Gillian Ramsay

Causeway Physio & Pilates Gillian Review

I have not attended an exercise class for a number of years and I feel that this class of Jo’s is so refreshing. Jo has a fantastic approach to teaching and supports you brilliantly as you go along. Jo has boundless energy and is always at hand to offer advice and guidance. There is so much to offer at Causeway … Read More

Avril Whiskers

Causeway Physio & Pilates Avril Review

I find this class very good. Joanne keeps a close eye on what we are doing (small enough class). I was in a previous Pilates class (a large class) where I didn’t know if I was doing movement properly and the teacher didn’t get round to check on everyone. There is a Friendly atmosphere – plenty of fun! I can … Read More

Sharon Bentley

Causeway Physio & Pilates Sharon Review

I started Pilates to see what it was like. Jo was very welcoming and friendly and made you feel relaxed. I have noticed that I wouldn’t have the same pains in my hips and it has made me more aware of my posture in my everyday life. I would definitely recommend Causeway Pilates to others. More Pilates Reviews….

Janice Cassidy

Causeway Physio & Pilates Janice Review

I started Pilates to lose weight, tone and relax. I have really enjoyed Pilates as it is relaxing. Jo is a great instructor, friendly and good fun. I have noticed a difference as I feel more toned and not as stressed. Thank you Jo, I will be signing up for the next set of sessions. More Pilates Reviews….

Janet Markey

Causeway Physio & Pilates Janet Review

With my job I have long term back and neck pain / tightness.  After a course of physio- I started Causeway Pilates – I have found great improvement in my back and neck.  The stretching has given me great relief and as a added bonus I am also becoming more toned!  Jo Is a fantastic instructor – very detailed about … Read More

Diane Rogers

Causeway Physio & Pilates Diane Review

Having been to a large group exercise classes before, I was a bit nervous at maybe getting ‘lost’ is the group and then left to figure the moves for myself.  But Jo’s classes are perfect, they are just the right size and Jo is able to still give individual attention when needed so that we don’t go wrong.  I love … Read More

Claudia Pohl

The class is very friendly and welcoming.  The instructions are (mostly) easy to follow and I feel that it is no problem to ask if I haven’t understood.  I appreciated that there is a lot of emphasis on doing the exercise correctly.  I feel that my posture is improving and I have a bigger repertoire of exercises to do at … Read More

Philomena Brennan

Causeway Physio & Pilates Philomena Review

I enjoy this Pilates class so much.  I find it has improved my strength, fitness level and reduced my back pain. I protected myself in how I moved as I was afraid of the pain, so I have now also noticed my posture has improved too.  The environment is also very enjoyable.  A very relaxed atmosphere, I came to the … Read More