Victor Bow – Happy to be washing the car again!

Causeway Physio & Pilates Victor Review

Victor Bow – Neck Pain and Rotator Cuff Trouble I’m retired a couple years from owning a Bed & Breakfast in Portrush. In and around that time I was getting a pain around my right shoulder. It started off with pain around the shoulder then the pain spread down the arm towards the elbow, around the back of my neck. … Read More

Heather – Shoulder Pain Conquered!

Causeway Physio & Pilates Heather Review

I was struggling with neck and shoulder pain that just seemed to slowly deteriorate over a few months. I eventually had to stop playing tennis and was struggling with golf. Even brushing my hair became painful.  I was starting to resign myself to the fact that this may be something I was just going to have to live with. I … Read More

Geoffrey Moffett – Headaches and Migraines

Causeway Physio & Pilates Geoffrey Review

I am a self employed digital marketer who works an average 50 hour work week. For about three years I had been experiencing excruciating headaches and migraines most days, which made it hard for me to focus on everyday tasks. The only advice that I was given from countless visits to the GP was to avoid potential triggers, such as … Read More

Suzanne – Loving life without headaches!

Causeway Physio & Pilates

I work full time in Belfast and so I spend most of my day either at at a desk or in the car. However, it was a severe long lasting headache that prompted or caused my problems, so after taking far too many painkillers I eventually saw my GP who believed that my headaches were a result of neck/back problems … Read More

Janet – Years of neck pain!

Causeway Physio & Pilates

As a dentist, I have suffered from a sore back, neck and shoulder for years. I accepted this as an occupational hazard- every day is spent leaning over patients and trying to see into deep dark recesses! A few years ago this became unbearable- constant chronic pain was affecting other aspects of my life. I found myself short of patience … Read More