Raymond Robinson – ‘Back to a normal active life’

In February this year I was in the middle of a clear out in my garage. I was in the process of moving a heavy garden table and as a result I took a sharp pain in my left shoulder. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was ‘too many birthday’s’. I soldiered on hoping that the pain … Read More

Jean Baker – Back to Normal Activities!

I first attended Causeway Physio with shoulder and upper arm pain. Housework and ironing were difficult, I couldn’t play golf and normal life was restricted. For the most part I resisted painkillers but sometimes had to succumb. I was fortunate to meet the Causeway Physios who were not only very sympathetic but also very patient, taking time to explain the … Read More

Patricia Morrison – I returned to my former mobility

I fell backwards onto my shoulder and it was very painful. I had difficulty moving my shoulder and doing normal day to day activities. I was of the opinion that ‘it would be better in the morning’ so was in no rush to seek professional help. Painkillers made no difference to the level of pain. My son recommended Causeway Physio.  … Read More

Victor Bow – Happy to be washing the car again!

Victor Bow – Neck Pain and Rotator Cuff Trouble I’m retired a couple years from owning a Bed & Breakfast in Portrush. In and around that time I was getting a pain around my right shoulder. It started off with pain around the shoulder then the pain spread down the arm towards the elbow, around the back of my neck. … Read More

Heather – Shoulder Pain Conquered!

I was struggling with neck and shoulder pain that just seemed to slowly deteriorate over a few months. I eventually had to stop playing tennis and was struggling with golf. Even brushing my hair became painful.  I was starting to resign myself to the fact that this may be something I was just going to have to live with. I … Read More

Janet – Years of neck pain!

As a dentist, I have suffered from a sore back, neck and shoulder for years. I accepted this as an occupational hazard- every day is spent leaning over patients and trying to see into deep dark recesses! A few years ago this became unbearable- constant chronic pain was affecting other aspects of my life. I found myself short of patience … Read More

Shoulder injury

Excellent service from the minute you walk through the door, friendly receptionist and pleasant environment. Colin has excellent clinical skills and as a health care professional myself I had great confidence in him. I would highly recommend him to others. Cathryn Harkness