Patricia Morrison – I returned to my former mobility

I fell backwards onto my shoulder and it was very painful. I had difficulty moving my shoulder and doing normal day to day activities. I was of the opinion that ‘it would be better in the morning’ so was in no rush to seek professional help. Painkillers made no difference to the level of pain. My son recommended Causeway Physio.  … Read More

“Colin has worked wonders”

After many years of suffering from back problems and sciatica I finally made the decision to seek professional help. After attending Causeway Physio I began to feel much better. Colin has worked wonders for me with a combination of the treatment which gave me great relief and the exercises that I progressed at home. Having attended Causeway Physio & Pilates … Read More

“I couldn’t be happier with the result”

I went to see Colin after an old injury to my wrist started giving me a lot of pain. I went for a couple of weeks in a row to start with and then I was able to go for 3 weeks and then longer. I couldn’t be happier with the result and have very little pain now. Certainly recommend … Read More

“I’m back out running again”

I had a couple of treatments with Catherine for a very sore back. I followed her exercises she recommended and I’m back out running again. (2 laps of the mount today). Many thanks Aaron. More Patient Reviews….

“I have no hesitation in giving Causeway Physio a 5 star rating.”

I’ve been to Causeway Physio with a range of musculo-skeletal problems over the recent years. For the first three of problems, I had poor experiences trying to get them sorted using the health service… failure to diagnose the first problem, correct diagnosis of the second, but no appropriate treatment and an obviously incorrect diagnosis on the third problem. Now I … Read More

“provided clear guidance on resolving my pain”

Hi, Attended Colin with severe foot pain & he was able to diagnose my condition straight away. Colin was very thorough & provided clear guidance on resolving my pain. I also received an email after my appointment with the exercises we discussed which I found very helpful.Can’t recommend Causeway Physio highly enough… Kyle Leckey