Migraine – aren’t they caused by stress?

Too many people are being led to believe that their headache or migraine is caused by stress or in relation to anxiety or depression People who are worst affected by headache and migraine are most often at risk of being given this label. We have had clients come to us having had 2-3 migraines per week for over 10 years. … Read More

What’s Causing My Headache?

Headaches can come on for numerous reasons.  Stress, fatigue, posture, alcohol, dehydration, certain foods high in nitrates, caffeine, infections, prolonged time in front of a screen and high blood pressure are all common factors which contribute to headaches.  BUT another REALLY  COMMON factor and often MASSIVELY under-diagnosed is to do with a problem in the upper neck which leads to … Read More

Knee Osteoarthritis – What to do…

Knee osteoarthritis – what is it and what should I do about it? Osteoarthritis is defined as “degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone, most common from middle age onward”.  You may have had an x ray and been told you have “wear and tear”, “no cartilage left”, been reduced to “bone on bone”, have developed “spurs”, or been … Read More

When is pain OK in my hip & knee

When is pain OK??! “No pain, no gain” is the stoic attitude of some of our patients, many people coming in with the belief that physio “has to hurt” to get better.  There may be an element of truth in this but some people take it to the extreme and make themselves so sore it is hard to get better.  … Read More

Choose Which Spine You Would Like!

Look at the pictures images below – which spine would you like? Hmm…… Let me guess, I think we’d all choose the one on the left! It looks smooth, no rough bits, even spaces and just generally looks a better spine.. doesn’t it!?   It looks like a good spine healthy spine. What if I told you the scan of … Read More

Why having an MRI may cause more harm than good

It’s just a scan right? How can it cause harm?….  How can it be ‘Dangerous’?  Isn’t it a GOOD idea to get checked out?  It might sound a bit extreme right to say an MRI can cause harm or even be dangerous but what we are referring to is the INTERPRETATION of the scan and WHAT THIS LEADS YOU TO … Read More

Physio & Pilates After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and the following months post partum can be a real roller-coaster of a journey with the joy of having your new little one weighed up against the sleepless nights and the fact that at this point your body just doesn’t feel quite how it used to. Back pain, pelvic girdle pain and upper back pain are the most common … Read More

Back pain…to move or not to move…

For many years, there has been conflicting advice about what to do when your back hurts.  The “old-school” method of long term, complete rest has been thankfully put to bed, however sometimes, in the short term, rest has its place, and is needed to let your muscles have a chance to relax. Many people’s beliefs fit into 2 categories – … Read More

Heat or ice?

Deep heat, ice packs, hot water bottles, freeze spray, heat pads …we’ve all heard of these different types of heat/cold therapy to help with pain, but sometimes it gets confusing as to which to use and when. As a general rule of thumb, if you have had a new injury and there is swelling…use ice.  This will prevent further inflammation … Read More

The vicious cycle of stress and back pain – and what to do about it

Most of us have some element of stress or anxiety in our lives.  Whether caused by work, study, home life, family or health concerns.  This blog will look at the links between stress and back pain – how stress can contribute to back pain, discuss how stress because of back pain can make it worse, and what to do about … Read More